Riley's Rows Sauvignon Blanc

Wine Profile
Vineyard Notes
Compared to the huge crop in 2018, 2019 was much less extreme. Spring was exceptionally wet with 20 days of rain in May. This led to very limited fruit set. After the cool, rainy spring, things settled down, and we had a very steady growing season. 2019 was a vintage where, at the end of the season, nothing forced our hands and we got to pick at the optimal moment.

Winemaker Notes
The 2019 Riley’s Rows Sauvignon Blanc was sourced from the Redwood Valley Grape Ranch which we own and farm in Mendocino County. The wine offers a bright nose of and melon and citrus blossom. The palate opens with ripe Meyer lemon and resolves into a delightful Ruby Red grapefruit note. My goal with this wine is to offer a fresh style of Sauvignon Blanc with pretty fruit, great acidity, and a clean finish. As always, I want to make a varietally correct wine that is well made, delicious, and affordable. I love to pair this wine with fresh seafood like a sea bass or scallop crudo or sashimi. We use this a lot as a first course wine when my dad and I do wine dinners together.

Production notes (coming soon): 2017, 2018, 2019


Sourced from the Redwood Valley Grape Ranch Dad farms in Mendocino my sauvignon blanc is consistently a light and approachable wine with great acidity. I get notes of ruby red grapefruit and Meyer lemon. Current vintage is 2019.

melon – citrus blossoms – meyer lemon – ruby red grapefruit

This is the 2nd harvest off the new Sauvignon Blanc vines at our Mendocino County Ranch and it was an incredible vintage for quality of the fruit and the profile of the wine! 1,096 cases produced


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