2019 Pinot Noir Sonoma Coast


The spring of 2019 was an exceptionally wet one with 20 days of rain in just the month of May. This helped limit fruit set and meant that the 2019 crop was much smaller than the massive 2018 Harvest. After the very rainy spring things settled down, and the rest of the growing season was ideal. The lack of late season rains or heat spikes meant that we were able to harvest without any drama. The fruit quality in 2019 was excellent.


The 2019 Flanagan Pinot Noir Sonoma Coast offers an expressive nose Cherry Blossom and Clove spice. On the palate the wine has very fine tannins, great acidity, and displays flavors of Rainier Cherry ( a note I also got in the 2018), and Orange Peel. Our Sonoma Coast cuvee has very nice fruit purity.

The key to producing top flight Pinot Noir is sourcing from great vineyards. The sites that were the source for this wine have the right climate and soils to produce world class Pinot Noir. The wine making is focused on balance and allowing the sites and the vintage to express themselves. The result is a wine that is delightful to drink now but also will age beautifully for the next 7-10 years or more.

301 cases produced. 


$57.60 – MEMBER  |  $64.00 – RETAIL

Flavor profile: rose petals, orange blossom, red plum, Rainier cherry

The Sonoma Coast AVA is becoming known as the top source for cool climate Pinot Noir. Our Pinot Noir is founded in letting each site and each vintage express itself. We do not have a dogmatic approach to winemaking. Pinot Noir, more than any other grape variety, is made in the vineyard.

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